vargas island, summer, 2010

Monday, December 12, 2011

review stuff for test and see you at the beaty museum at 12:45

a reminder of the geo test on thursday. it will be all multiple choice and based on

   -the provincial exam study package, chapter 12 section
   -the geology study package
   -any of the older exams I have posted in the past, including those from old grade 12 provincials . Note that from those gr. 12 tests, the following kinds of questions only:  plate tectonics, Continental drift theory, volcanos, earthquakes, including the kinds of earthquake questions practiced in class.
   -any of the old grade 10 exam questions on geology.  A few of the more challenging questions would be questions from some of these old  provincials -  gr. 10 and 12 so you would gain a great advantage by poring through them.

you must be very familiar with key examples of geological features found at the correct places.  for example, Hawaii is an island system which has shield volcanos, is associated with hot spots.  African Rift Valley is a divergent boundary,  pacific north west is a subduction zone and nearby there is a trench, volcanos, earthquakes.  Japan is a volcanic island arc, etc.

Elizabeth asked for the provincial exam study package for chem.  here it is.  Good luck

See you at the Beaty museum. when you arrive, get into your groups.  and send the leader over with your field trip forms and payment and attendance of each group member.

Ms. Chung

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Geology quiz questions

Hello Treks

your geology quiz questions, due tomorrow,  are as follows.  Please post this on any Trek facebook page so everyone sees it: 10 mks

1.  Vesuvius and Mt. St. Helens are both the same type of volcano.  Name the type
2.  Immediately after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, what came out of the mountain? (name at least three types of ejected material and their effects)
3.  What are the "standing dead"?
4.  What was the energy of the blast?
5.  Pompeii is preserved by the eruption of Vesuvius.  What features of the city were preserved?
6.  Victims of Pompeii were preserved in their last moments.  Explain how.
the next few questions are actually directions:
7.  Print and have your parent or guardian sign this two page consent form: hand this in.  Every part of the form must be filled in.  If you are not permitted to attend, a note from your parent or guardian may be submitted instead.
8.  Hand in the attached medical form from the consent form and bring in the fee.
10  and put yourself into a field studies group of 5 and tell me who your group members are.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

schedule til winter holiday

in backwards order below.  You will get a quiz on volcanos based on the powerpoint on mt st. helens.  Quiz questions will be uploaded on this blog tomorrow.  stay tuned.  Consent form for field trip will also be uploaded on the blog tomorrow.

Dec 15 Geology test

Study:  Ms. Chung’s geology study package
            Prov Exam study package only the section on ch 12
            Mt. st. helen’s ppt.
            Try some previous exam questions.  (next week)

            Read the text.

Dec 13  Field trip:  Beaty Museum and Museum of the Earth. 

Dec 9?                        Due:  Volcano Assignment 

Dec 7                        Lesson on Earthquakes, exam practice qu.

Dec 5                        Lesson on Earthquakes

Monday, November 21, 2011

Geology notes today

we had a quiz on continental drift today and I showed some images from this site, called "Continental Drift".  the resource has great images for continental drift and plate tectonics.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Geology Unit

Upload the Geology Notes here and print it out for class next day.  here is the BC provincial exam study guide provided by your text:  note that we are only doing chapter 12 and not chapter 10 and 11.

Please have my study notes available for class next day as we are going over this material next day.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

class notes invasive species, succession

Notes are here:
Change in ecosystems
hw is BC study guide section 3. This is the section covering ecological succession, evolution and human interactions.  I'm going over main points but there may be questions on some topics we haven't directly covered in class.  every question is fair game.

there will be a homework quiz on this next period. 10 questions

Thursday, October 27, 2011

camosun bog field trip

the map is here:

How to get to Camosun bog

Get there during class time only.  Fill out a data card and hand it in.  See you there

ms chung

Monday, October 3, 2011

TEST on chapter 1 and 2

15 questions from your notes.  chapter 1 study notes
also your biomes 2 notes
your nutrient cycle notes up to nitrogen cycle only.  carbon cycle will not be tested

15 questions will be from the above notes
35 questions would be from your bc science ecology study guide below.  Answer keys are at the end of this study guide.

And your bc science ecology study guide up to page 50 and covering up to nitrogen cycle

Oct 5 will not be a lab we will have a review of this unit to prep you for the test and go over concepts.  Please email me with questions.  I will be available after class on Wednesday oct 5 for a tutorial session if any of you need it.  Let me know.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ecological pyramid notes

Today we went over organism interactions and watched a hunting owl

Listen to this excerpt about an amur tiger   a predator adapted to a strange connection between the boreal forest and the tropics.  A documentary showing this huge tiger.  And meet ninja cat, evidence that even domestic felines have similar instincts.

Download the biome notes: pyramids here.  and remember the notes for the entire ecology unit is here

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Do the questions associated with sections 1.2 and 2.1 in your BC provincial exam study guide.  Print only the questions or do them with pen and paper by hand, the old fashioned way...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Library Orientation Day, Sept 13

Hello Trek science students,

Download a copy of the trek library orientation assignment.  You need to have your PW student number available for this session in the library. I will hand out your homework quiz question today too.  Ms. Lam, our teacher librarian will be conducting an orientation on useful techniques for research and citation.

Ms. Chung

Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome to off trek.

It was great to welcome you to my class.  Please download this document for your group presentation:.  You need to make a group of 2 to 4 for this end of term presentation.
concept review group assignment

And access the ecology notes, powerpoints, text answer key, provincial exam review here:
ecology unit package


download the BCsc10unit1 exam review.  it is a pdf file called the provincial exam study package for sustaining earth's ecosystems..  Your homework is as follows: do all the qu up to p.15 and check your answers.  next wk, I will quiz you on a question.  It may not have exact wording but will test the same concept.  Optional exercise:  do the reading check questions in your text for 1.1.  These are questions designed to help you identify the important points of the chapter.  You will eventually be asked to do them. 
Given the changes in the provincial exams, I highly recommend getting the student workbook and working through this on your own.  We will not go over this material in class but it is extra study material.

the data booklet here might be needed for this exercise.

I will be assessing how much you participate in class.  part of this assessment includes participation by raising good questions on this blog.  submit a comment and your full name.  I will publish your comment, deleting your name and taking note of who commented.  Your comments and questions would be very helpful feedback for me to respond to your learning.  I checked my settings and have enabled comments.

Ms. Ng Chung

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome to Trek Science

I'm Ms. Chung and you will be studying Ecology, Geology and some topics in Radiation with me for the Grade 10 curriculum.  On this website, you will find homework, announcements, assignments and learning links.  Schedule for the first class is: 
Introduction to the biosphere, get to know names, seating plan
technology set up:  sign on to nicenet
get textbooks.

Homework for first class is to download class notes and bring them to class next day for our first lesson.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

trek homework: concept review due next day.

The final is coming up and you should have a look at my class notes so far.  You are responsible for studying.  I will be updating this link with many more study materials so check back frequently.

The Concept Review assignment is due next day and we will have presentations every day until the last class.  Today we had a presentation on the Manhattan Project, the story of nuclear weapons.  This story covered the section 7.3 in your text. 

Homework is:

do your check your understanding questions:

page 301, 7.1
page 325, 7.3

Please complete these questions for next day.  I will post answers next period.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I have been told there will be an earthquake drill tomorrow that will interrupt the test for some of you so Mrs. Chung will be giving you a practice test tomorrow and then the real deal on Monday.

P.S. It was great to be your teacher for a few weeks! Have a great Summer!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Money for the field trip!

Hello Trekkies! I told you to bring your field trip money ON the trip, but I now realize it is wiser for me to collect it before we go! PLEASE BRING YOUR $15 CASH TO YOUR NEXT BLOCK WITH ME ON TUESDAY APRIL 19th!!!!!!!!! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!

p.s. ALSO bring a ruler and a calculator to tuesday's class!

-Mr. G

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome Mr. Gross!

Get ready for a quiz from Mr. G next period.

Volunteer events for April.  For Earth Month:

Camosun Bog Bin Day:  PW always participates!
Plan-It Earth: organized by a committee of students from different VSB schools
Earth Day Parade: organized by VSB students

sign up for one of these! write about it and share your experience with our class!  if you cannot make it to any of these, think about how you can help the earth in April and write about that.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

camosun bog field trip

march 18

you will visit the bog during your science block and be at school during your regular math block:
first period:
report to 19th and camosun, the entrance of the bog.
8:30 to 9:15.  then take the 25th bus east to get back to PW.

second period:
leave PW during math class and board the 25th UBC bus to get to Camosun street.  (bus stop just past Lord Byng Secondary).  walk down camosun and meet me at the entrance of the bog
10:30 to 11:15.  then use the remainder of the period to return to PW for lunch.

arrival and dismissal will be on site.  bring consent forms
Reading and google map here:

Friday, March 4, 2011

chapter 10 test on March 14th

We will blitz through chapter 10 and 11 to finish all before spring break.  Your homework for next tuesday is to do the vocab (list of words and definitions.  all study packages are here.  Go back to the study package link for updates as we go through the unit.

 Download the thermal energy package for next period's class. Many of these concepts are are a review of other jr. science topics from gr. 9 and 10 such as phase changes, kinetic molecular theory and convection currents.  I expect you to have some knowledge of these concepts.

For Tuesday's class: each of you ought to bring:

  1. a completed vocab list with definitions
  2. a printed out study package 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

test on friday

I'm reposting your class notes and review materials here.  note the addition of a vocab list and some sample questions

the test will have
75 questions.

Breakdown as follows: questions will be based on the material from the following sources.  Good luck

10 qu from your chapter questions
5 qu any vocab word
20 from our 2 column class notes and lecture notes
15  previous provincial exam questions
5 qu from the provincial exam study guide
20 mc qu from your contributions

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Very sad news

it is with great sadness that I learned that my colleague Ms. Radu passed away at a very young age. I can scarcely believe I would not see her in the Staff room smiling and eating lunch with us, telling us of her skiing and travels... Always cheerful.   My condolences to her family.

updated nutrient cycle notes

you may have already uploaded these:  An update is here.  on Wednesday you will hand in your project on the ecology of school grounds.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Group assignments due Wed

Today we went over the biome 2 notes and learned about ecological pyramids, and food webs.  I assigned the following homework due next period

go to the area of the school assigned to you:  five marks for items 1 through 3 below.  3 marks for item 4
1.  draw a pyramid and identify: 
a.  organisms you managed to directly observe
b.  traces or remnants or evidence of the presence of organisms:  such as pawprints, scats or excrement, fur, feathers, etc
c.  organisms which you have anecdotal or actual evidence of its presence in your area (a skunk, coyote, raccoon presence observed by others)

2.  Note the abiotic factors:  Light levels, nutrient levels, available water

3.  Using the organisms listed in item 1, make a food web diagram for your area.
4.  Make a pie graph listing the names and jobs of each member of your group as well as their contribution as a percentage.  Any assymmetry would be accounted for in the final mark.

Evaluation:  complete, accurate and well thought out assignments with no errors can receive a total mark of 18.  Incomplete or late assignments will be deducted marks.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Global patterns for Biomes

On Friday we reviewed global patterns for biome distribution.  We put biomes in order according to
biodiversity:  the most to the least
latitude:  from the equator to the arctic circle
elevation:  from sea level to mountain top
ocean proximity:  from the coast to in-land
These patterns underscored the importance of temperature and precipitation for biome characteristics

next, we defined niche, habitat, structural adaptations and population dynamics of predator/prey.  Finally, we observed a video of predator instincts in a feline carnivore here.

THERE IS A small QUIZ NEXT PERIOD on 1.1 and part of 1.2  practice the questions provided in the ecology study file from the previous post.

Please note that the quiz will be on 1.1 and only the specific 1.2 concepts covered in class (1.2: niche, habitat, structural adaptations and population dynamics of predator/prey, not the other parts of 1.2).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome to off-trek science

It was great to welcome you to my class.  Please download this document for your group presentation:
concept review group assignment

And access the ecology notes, powerpoints, text answer key, provincial exam review here:
ecology unit package

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One more class - worksheet, dry ice, hand in project

Hello Trek Students.  It was good to see class 2 today. next period is final class.

For our final class, I will accept the following assignments for term marks:

1.  a worksheet done in class
2.  study notes for a chapter of your choice (for class 2, at their request)

optional assignments, no penalty if you do not hand it in, credit if you do:

1.  a board game or computer game:  can be a group project.  some of you have handed this in electronically or as a completed project.  the ones I have seen so far are very well done.
2.  completed corrections for your geology re-test.
3.  one person has requested a thermal energy test.
4.  your participation and notes from working with carbon dioxide (yes, dry ice, I'll get some).

I will be briefly at a PW garden meeting after school on Thursday (tree pruner will be there to give us instructions for pruning our apple trees)  but will be available afterwards at 3:45 pm in my classroom if anyone has questions.  Your science exam is next wednesday.

I will be available to go over any concepts at the following times, for those who would like further instruction:

Thursday afterschool 3.45:  weather systems:  corialis effect, el nino, la nina
Weekend: email me your questions and I will be checking email every couple of hours and will answer your questions.
Monday noon and/or class time and afterschool:  ecology and biomes
Tuesday noon and/or class time:  geology and after school, climate change, cause and effects

Please contact me if you require anything and do use the online resources, notes, study packages, sample exam questions, or to clarify a concept.

Good Luck

Ms. Chung

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hi class,

The board game is an optional assignment.
You WILL earn marks if you hand in the game by Thursday.  The Geo retest is on Tuesday.  Participation marks were entered for those who attended the UBC field trip lab.  The assignment will also be inputed at a later time.  If you have not handed in your assignment, you need to do so as soon as possible.

Any assignments taken in by Ms. Cheung will be inputed too.

I sincerely regret the inconvenience and confusion that my illness has caused for the class.  Please email me if you have any questions.

Ms. Chung

Monday, January 10, 2011


Hi Treks

I am on sick leave for a week.  thanks for your patience.  Ms. Cheung will be here for this week and maybe next, but I may be back next week.  depends.  I will ask her to post activities on this blog.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If you or your parents have any questions, you may contact me by email.

Ms. Chung