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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Radioactivity study guide and summary notes

BC provincial exam study guide for Radioactivity is at the end of this document:
Unit 2 study guide.  start on page 58. Answer key at the end of the document.

my study notes/summary may be downloaded here.

today I am absent in the AM but present for our lesson in the PM.  we will go over radioactive decay problems. after school I am here til 3:45

Friday, May 25, 2012

Going over test next block

Last period's test is a preview of the kinds of questions you may expect for the provincial exam, and will help you become used to the wording.  We will consider it a practice test and review the questions next period.  Have your Geology Study Package and all your notes ready for this review exercise.  Then we will test this material again next monday.  Questions?  see me after school on day1s for help.

Monday, May 21, 2012


a reminder of the geo test on FRIDAY. it will be all multiple choice and based on

   -the provincial exam study package, chapter 12 section only.  chapter 10 and 11 are no longer on the provincial

   -any of the older exams I have posted in the past, including those from old grade 12 provincials . Note that from those gr. 12 tests, the following kinds of questions only:  plate tectonics, Continental drift theory, volcanos, earthquakes, including the kinds of earthquake questions practiced in class.
   -any of the old grade 10 exam questions on geology.  A few of the more challenging questions would be questions from some of these old  provincials -  gr. 10 and 12 so you would gain a great advantage by poring through them.

you must be very familiar with key examples of geological features found at the correct places.  for example, Hawaii is an island system which has shield volcanos, is associated with hot spots.  African Rift Valley is a divergent boundary,  pacific north west is a subduction zone and nearby there is a trench, volcanos, earthquakes.  Japan is a volcanic island arc, etc.

In case you wanted to see this, the provincial exam study package for chem.  here it is.  
Good luck

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Camosun Bog and Amazing Race

consent form for two field studies can be downloaded here:
Camosun bog and UBC Amazing Race Consent form.

download and return to me next class please. all fields must be signed.

On May 9th, you will go to Camosun bog to learn about invasive species, human interaction in an ecosystem and a classic example of secondary succession.  You will go to the bog during your science block only and not during math class, though you may need an ED from math if you are the last block. BRING SOMETHING TO WRITE WITH . Your cheque for UBC is due on this day. 

Both classes will participate in Amazing Race where you will need to photograph your entire team with certain specimens, artifacts and sustainable features of a sustainable building within three buildings:  beaty museum, CIRS building, and Pacific Museum of the Earth.  only Beaty and PME has admission/donation prices (Beaty museum has a group cost of $9 and PME has a recommended donation of $5 for group visits) = total is $14.   CIRS has no cost.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

UPDATE - Earthquake assignment

From feedback I have received:

Backpack is due tomorrow.  A one page list of the contents of your pack and the group names ought to be handed in.

For those of you who hand in all the pages in a completed assignment tomorrow, your hard work will be recognized with extra marks.  for those who choose to hand in the pages on Monday, you will not lose marks.  Final deadline is Monday.  See the links on Earthquake preparedness and Tsunami preparedness for ideas on how to do these pages.