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Monday, December 12, 2011

review stuff for test and see you at the beaty museum at 12:45

a reminder of the geo test on thursday. it will be all multiple choice and based on

   -the provincial exam study package, chapter 12 section
   -the geology study package
   -any of the older exams I have posted in the past, including those from old grade 12 provincials . Note that from those gr. 12 tests, the following kinds of questions only:  plate tectonics, Continental drift theory, volcanos, earthquakes, including the kinds of earthquake questions practiced in class.
   -any of the old grade 10 exam questions on geology.  A few of the more challenging questions would be questions from some of these old  provincials -  gr. 10 and 12 so you would gain a great advantage by poring through them.

you must be very familiar with key examples of geological features found at the correct places.  for example, Hawaii is an island system which has shield volcanos, is associated with hot spots.  African Rift Valley is a divergent boundary,  pacific north west is a subduction zone and nearby there is a trench, volcanos, earthquakes.  Japan is a volcanic island arc, etc.

Elizabeth asked for the provincial exam study package for chem.  here it is.  Good luck

See you at the Beaty museum. when you arrive, get into your groups.  and send the leader over with your field trip forms and payment and attendance of each group member.

Ms. Chung

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Geology quiz questions

Hello Treks

your geology quiz questions, due tomorrow,  are as follows.  Please post this on any Trek facebook page so everyone sees it: 10 mks

1.  Vesuvius and Mt. St. Helens are both the same type of volcano.  Name the type
2.  Immediately after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, what came out of the mountain? (name at least three types of ejected material and their effects)
3.  What are the "standing dead"?
4.  What was the energy of the blast?
5.  Pompeii is preserved by the eruption of Vesuvius.  What features of the city were preserved?
6.  Victims of Pompeii were preserved in their last moments.  Explain how.
the next few questions are actually directions:
7.  Print and have your parent or guardian sign this two page consent form: hand this in.  Every part of the form must be filled in.  If you are not permitted to attend, a note from your parent or guardian may be submitted instead.
8.  Hand in the attached medical form from the consent form and bring in the fee.
10  and put yourself into a field studies group of 5 and tell me who your group members are.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

schedule til winter holiday

in backwards order below.  You will get a quiz on volcanos based on the powerpoint on mt st. helens.  Quiz questions will be uploaded on this blog tomorrow.  stay tuned.  Consent form for field trip will also be uploaded on the blog tomorrow.

Dec 15 Geology test

Study:  Ms. Chung’s geology study package
            Prov Exam study package only the section on ch 12
            Mt. st. helen’s ppt.
            Try some previous exam questions.  (next week)

            Read the text.

Dec 13  Field trip:  Beaty Museum and Museum of the Earth. 

Dec 9?                        Due:  Volcano Assignment 

Dec 7                        Lesson on Earthquakes, exam practice qu.

Dec 5                        Lesson on Earthquakes