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Thursday, December 1, 2011

schedule til winter holiday

in backwards order below.  You will get a quiz on volcanos based on the powerpoint on mt st. helens.  Quiz questions will be uploaded on this blog tomorrow.  stay tuned.  Consent form for field trip will also be uploaded on the blog tomorrow.

Dec 15 Geology test

Study:  Ms. Chung’s geology study package
            Prov Exam study package only the section on ch 12
            Mt. st. helen’s ppt.
            Try some previous exam questions.  (next week)

            Read the text.

Dec 13  Field trip:  Beaty Museum and Museum of the Earth. 

Dec 9?                        Due:  Volcano Assignment 

Dec 7                        Lesson on Earthquakes, exam practice qu.

Dec 5                        Lesson on Earthquakes