vargas island, summer, 2010

Monday, February 27, 2012

ecological pyramids - QUIZ NEXT PERIOD!!!

Today we went over the Check your Understanding questions in the text, section 2.1.  There will be another quiz last period.  the class average on the last quiz was pretty good so lets keep up the great work!

The ecological pyramid notes are here.  Next period we will do an assignment examining ecology in the school yard.  be prepared to complete an assignment illustrating a pyramid and an ecological web for a section of PW.  It will be due the same period so you would need to work fast!

Read over section 2.2 as it is on nutrient cycles.  Look at carbon cycle particularly.  Our lab on Friday will be on carbon cycle.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Kerrisdale Ravine

Yesterday, we took a walk.  In the middle of the field, we reviewed the concepts of two ecological pyramids: The pyramid of biomass and the pyramid of numbers.  This involved an example about students mowing lawns and shooting rabbits, and putting snakes in bags to be weighed.

Next, we walked through the kerrisdale ravine.  We explored the impact of the urban environment on a natural ecosystem.  There were some remnants of the original ecosystem still recognizable in the ravine, including a modern version of the creek that was once there.

Write a one page summary of what we learned that day.  Include your
 observations on

  • native species you observed
  • native species you saw evidence of but did not directly observe
  • competition
  • parisitism
  • abiotic factors
  • generally anything that interested you about the ravine
This is due next period.  one page only please.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chapter 1 quiz next period

We finished up chapter one.  First block, we looked at a typical day of an organism.  second block we tested Cole and Joelle's eyes to see if they could be good predators!  They both had great binocular vision!

Homework is to do the BC provincial exam study guide for biology unit for chapter 1only.  don't worry about chapter 2.  Note that an answer key is provided at the end of the study guide.    There will be a quiz on this next day on everything we have done so far. Email me if you have any queries.

Some of you asked for the biodiversity diagram.  it may be retrieved by clicking on the image below:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review of biomes. p. 33

Today we went over the questions on p. 33 and reviewed the major factors affecting biomes.

 For homework, I gave out an 11 by 17 inch diagram summarizing section 1.2 in your text.  You will write two statements under each word I wrote based on what you read in the text.  this is due next period.  I read more of your reflections on the wilderness and the city.  I noticed that many of you wanted to see the city "intertwined with wilderness" and offered a view of a city that reflected this.

If you have an electronic device that you bring to class, download this useful study guide.  I will be assigning homework from this guide, which has an answer key at the end of it.  when you do this homework, do it on another sheet of paper.  
I do not expect you to print this document: 
BC provincial exam study guide for biology unit