vargas island, summer, 2010

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

test on geology diagram on Nov. 23

Test on the geology diagram covering:
intro to continental drift theory
intro to plate tectonics and basic plate movements
layers of the earth

The provincial study package for our new unit, geology is here.  Please note that ONLY CHAPTER 12 APPLIES.  chapters 10 and 11 are no longer on the provincial exam.

some of you mentioned that the chem study package might be useful to you.  here it is.

Monday, November 5, 2012

test coming up on november 15

We have finished chapter 2 and started chapter 3.  We did a practice test based on provincial questions. You will get a test on the biology unit on November 15.  these resources may be useful to you:

This is your checklist of studying:
This is your most useful resource showing practice questions.  
Biome notes (teaching notes)

there were also notes on carbon cycle, ecological succession and a handout on evolutiony
and your practice test ought to tell you where you need to study the most.

The test will be very similar to the practice test but will include more questions from chapter 2 and 3.  it would be provincial exam style questions again.  all multiple choice.