vargas island, summer, 2010

Friday, February 24, 2012

Kerrisdale Ravine

Yesterday, we took a walk.  In the middle of the field, we reviewed the concepts of two ecological pyramids: The pyramid of biomass and the pyramid of numbers.  This involved an example about students mowing lawns and shooting rabbits, and putting snakes in bags to be weighed.

Next, we walked through the kerrisdale ravine.  We explored the impact of the urban environment on a natural ecosystem.  There were some remnants of the original ecosystem still recognizable in the ravine, including a modern version of the creek that was once there.

Write a one page summary of what we learned that day.  Include your
 observations on

  • native species you observed
  • native species you saw evidence of but did not directly observe
  • competition
  • parisitism
  • abiotic factors
  • generally anything that interested you about the ravine
This is due next period.  one page only please.