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Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome to off trek.

It was great to welcome you to my class.  Please download this document for your group presentation:.  You need to make a group of 2 to 4 for this end of term presentation.
concept review group assignment

And access the ecology notes, powerpoints, text answer key, provincial exam review here:
ecology unit package


download the BCsc10unit1 exam review.  it is a pdf file called the provincial exam study package for sustaining earth's ecosystems..  Your homework is as follows: do all the qu up to p.15 and check your answers.  next wk, I will quiz you on a question.  It may not have exact wording but will test the same concept.  Optional exercise:  do the reading check questions in your text for 1.1.  These are questions designed to help you identify the important points of the chapter.  You will eventually be asked to do them. 
Given the changes in the provincial exams, I highly recommend getting the student workbook and working through this on your own.  We will not go over this material in class but it is extra study material.

the data booklet here might be needed for this exercise.

I will be assessing how much you participate in class.  part of this assessment includes participation by raising good questions on this blog.  submit a comment and your full name.  I will publish your comment, deleting your name and taking note of who commented.  Your comments and questions would be very helpful feedback for me to respond to your learning.  I checked my settings and have enabled comments.

Ms. Ng Chung