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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One more class - worksheet, dry ice, hand in project

Hello Trek Students.  It was good to see class 2 today. next period is final class.

For our final class, I will accept the following assignments for term marks:

1.  a worksheet done in class
2.  study notes for a chapter of your choice (for class 2, at their request)

optional assignments, no penalty if you do not hand it in, credit if you do:

1.  a board game or computer game:  can be a group project.  some of you have handed this in electronically or as a completed project.  the ones I have seen so far are very well done.
2.  completed corrections for your geology re-test.
3.  one person has requested a thermal energy test.
4.  your participation and notes from working with carbon dioxide (yes, dry ice, I'll get some).

I will be briefly at a PW garden meeting after school on Thursday (tree pruner will be there to give us instructions for pruning our apple trees)  but will be available afterwards at 3:45 pm in my classroom if anyone has questions.  Your science exam is next wednesday.

I will be available to go over any concepts at the following times, for those who would like further instruction:

Thursday afterschool 3.45:  weather systems:  corialis effect, el nino, la nina
Weekend: email me your questions and I will be checking email every couple of hours and will answer your questions.
Monday noon and/or class time and afterschool:  ecology and biomes
Tuesday noon and/or class time:  geology and after school, climate change, cause and effects

Please contact me if you require anything and do use the online resources, notes, study packages, sample exam questions, or to clarify a concept.

Good Luck

Ms. Chung