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Thursday, April 12, 2012

test next period on April 17th, updated!!

The test is a unit test for our biology chapters 1,2, and 3. This test has very few surprises... one goal of this exam is to help you familiarize yourself with the language and images for our high stakes provincial exam.

There will be 50 multiple choice questions 

Study the following sources: The first two sources will prep you for the final.
Some questions will be either directly from here or reworded from these questions, with edits:
Ministry website for provincial exams  find all the sample exams, biology portion only:  20 MC questions

BC provincial exam study guide for biology unit  look at the sample multiple choice questions. 10 MC questions  based on the MC and  fill in the blank questions in this guide.  there is an answer key at the end of the guide.

Next sources ensure you have reviewed and studied your notes:
Some questions will be from our class notes:  10 MC questions

biome notes 1
biome notes 2 pyramids.
Nutrient Cycles
This class diagram

Add to this:
5 MC questions from our
The evolution worksheet we went over last day.

5 MC questions regarding our class work in the kerrisdale ravine, and PW garden and our Carbon dioxide lab.

bonus marks to make a song about our biology unit. perform it to the class the day after the test.
example of a song by ex-trek students: amount of bonus marks based on the cleverness and catchiness of the song.

DNA replication song
this one by P Carwana's sister: Not so complicated

and this one by a human biology professor from Stanford (Tom McFadden, he's the lead singer): a song about the stress response: (human biology topic, biology 12). You inherited your stress response from fleeing predators on the savanna:  but the response may be stimulated by mental stress...such as studying for exams.
The Lion the Watch and the Hormones

and if you want to re-watch the dancing spider video, google the words "jumping spider" and "Wayne Maddison".  Dr. Wayne Maddison is the director of the Beaty Biodiversity Museum and his research subject is the jumping spider.

I'll be checking school email frequently this weekend so please email any questions to clear up stuff

good luck