vargas island, summer, 2010

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Geology stations, examine rocks, review worksheets

We will be rotating through three stations next period:  Each station will be 17 minutes.

station 1 first row:  examine rock samples, observe the properties and conclude how they relate to our geology unit.

station 2 second row:  complete a worksheet on continental drift and plate tectonics. put your answers on a seperate sheet.  hand in your answers and keep the worksheet for study purposes.

station 3 teacher's bench:  Mini lesson on convergent plate boundaries:  Learn about convergent boundaries and make sure your previous worksheet notes are complete.

those who are retaking quizzes will do so in the fourth row

HW:  note the EARTHQUAKE group assignment due on this coming thursday to coincide with the district wide earthquake drill.  Up to 4 people may work on one assignment.  Each person can take care of one page.

look through this DYNAMIC EARTH website, which summarizes many of our concepts so far.