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Monday, December 17, 2012

Group Assignment: Geology Test

Without using any electronic or paper materials, get together in your group and be prepared to answer the following questions on Wednesday.  You will be given 11 by 17 paper and you will be asked to write full answers with illustrations.   You may work in groups of two or three.  
Each question below in bold is worth 4 marks. total:  44 marks.

1.  Draw a diagram of the earth illustrating:
a. the layers
b. the types of rock
c. where you might find uranium, iron, nickel, silica, granite, basalt
d.  where the three different earthquake waves might be found

2.  a. What evidence supports the theory of continental drift?  
b.  explain how mantle convection relate to the theory of plate tectonics? 

3.  In the following hypothetical situations, 
i.  decide what type of plate boundary or geological phenomena  are most likely involved
ii. and give evidence for your conclusion.
iii.  what other geological forms can you expect to find, besides the ones mentioned?  (ocean ridges, rift valleys, tall mountains, earthquakes, tsunami?
iv.  draw the plate interactions or the mantle interactions involved.

a. The islands of Antony are a series of  northern islands located in near the arctic circle.  It contains shield and cinder volcanos but has never had a really large volcanic eruption.  There's never been an earthquake in the history of the island chain.

b.  The Trek Triassic Trench is an ocean trench containing mysterious deep sea creatures such as anglerfish and giant squid, and trek creatures....  Occasionally these animals get washed up on a long coastline.  This coastline is a very popular vacation spot because a visitor can spend the morning scuba diving and the evening skiing in the mountains, a 2 hour bus ride away from the coast.  If you ride a train from the coast, then after about  three weeks travel, then  miles of farmland can be explored.

c.  A series of islands named Palejko, have tall, violent volcanoes that erupt every 500 years.  The mountains have snow on them, and the tropical rainforest below contain a biodiversity of organisms.  black rock dominates these islands.  Occasionally a tremor shakes things up.

d.  The town of Asteneh is known for being a grape growing region, producing award winning merlots.    The town is located at the junction of two rivers.  But otherwise, the land is totally flat for 500 miles around.  Last year, the town was shaken by a strong earthquake.  As all the astenehnians live in yurts, they were totally unaffected.

e. When the town of Asteneh had an earthquake, several waves were sent out.  draw two seismograms:
i.  one depicting the seismograph of a town that was 50 km away and
ii. another depicting the seismograph of a town 100 km away.

4.  What are the 3 kinds of earthquake waves?  compare and contrast them by indicating
a.  the nature of their wave
b.  the material they tend to move through
c.  how they might look on a seismograph
d.  their speed.

5.  Draw how earthquake waves move through the earth indicating the P-wave and S-wave shadow zones.

6.  Explain how an ocean ridge can produce magnetic striping patterns.