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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Work Party on Wednesday and quiz on Friday. Hand in Carbon dioxide lab

QUIZ ON FRIDAY: There will be a detail-oriented quiz on Friday on the  Nutrient Cycles notes.

WORK PARTY:  On Wednesday, be prepared for outdoor work in any weather.  We will be using garden tools to move plants, dig out turf and also move 6 yards of soil up a hill.

You did a Carbon Dioxide lab on the day before spring break.  You were to write up a summary of what you learned in one page. Summarize at least five properties of Carbon dioxide that you observed that day.  10 marks.  Hand that in on Friday.

IF YOU WERE ABSENT FOR CARBON DIOXIDE LAB:  Those of you who have an excused absence for that day, your alternate assignment is this, also 10 marks:

Prepare a map and answer the questions below.  Your assignment is two pages.  page one is a labeled map and page two answers the questions in short answer, sentence form.
Page one:
On a map, find places in Vancouver that act as all the different types of carbon sources and carbon sinks:
Page two:
Carbon sources come from many activities in Vancouver.

  1. Identify at least 5 of them
  2. write about how citizens of Vancouver can find an alternative

Find one example each of Carbon sinks that can be found in the form of

  1. forests
  2.  bogs, 
  3. bodies of water
  4. areas where there are shelled marine invertebrates.