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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Camosun bog assignment

Trek Research Assignment 2010                                                        Ms. Ng Chung
note:  this assignment has changed due to consultation with the teacher-librarian. It is now an assignment you may complete in one block.

  1. to learn basic research skills from the teacher librarian and demonstrate the learning. 
  2. Create a digital poster  in one period. 
  3. Prepare a list of references and citations, as demonstrated by the Teacher librarian

Research Assignment:
Visit the website
Find out more about the bog here:
Camosun Blog

There is a list of bog species in  Camosun Bog Restoration Group .  

Make a one page digital poster in pdf or jpg format (no word docs please)

Choose five bog species and five invasive species found in Camosun bog.  Find a picture of these species and briefly describe the abiotic conditions preferred by the species.  
Choose one of the plants and create a biopoem about  one of the plant with the words CAMOSUN BOG.    Must accurately describe the plant. Each line of the poem has a correct fact about your plant.

EXAMPLE of a biopoem: (note the clever rhyming scheme - watch and learn bad poetry from biology class.  we will vote  for the best "bad poem"  -  make it a groaner, make us smile. ) 

C razy  bogger is no fool
A ttacking invasive species is really cool
M usqueam nation used labrador tea
O n the underside it's hairy, as you see
S  undews live in camosun bog
U  nder the hemlocks are rotting  logs
N   ow you see that a  

B iopoem is easy
O  ver to you
G  o and write a masterpiece for me

Your paper will be marked out of 10

8 - 10      you have all 10 plants, they correctly identify invasive and natural species.  your biopoem is accurate in its content.  

6 -7       you are missing one or two plants or mis-identify them as invasive and natural.  there are minor errors in your assignment.  your biopoem is  accurate.

5 – 10    you are missing many of the plants or mis-identify them.  there are some errors. biopoem is amusing but has an error.  

0 – 5   This paper, for whatever reason, is not complete. 

References and citations will be marked by the Teacher librarian.
Hand this in as a print out.  
this is a sundew